National Blues Museum Presents Matt "The Rattlesnake" Lesch Band at: AL FRESCO @ the MX Friday, August 28th, from 4p to 7p.

Enjoy an outdoor dining experience from St. Louis’ best restaurants, now open!

On Friday afternoons, 6th Street between Washington and Locust, next to Pi, will be converted to Downtown’s premier outdoor dining experience – no cars allowed. Everyone is invited to purchase food, wine, and drinks from their favorite downtown restaurant, sit outside for sunset dining, and listen to live music from the National Blues Museum. Additionally, MX Movies will be playing Classic Comedies on the MX Movie's Bar Projection Screen for some extended fun!

Tables are spaced 10’ apart. Tables and chairs are cleaned after every customer. Handwashing stations and bathrooms are available.

This is a safe, fun, and beautiful way to experience downtown! The event will be happening through Labor Day.